Performance the Empire – the secret and closed Gothic intellectual world. This place was adapted for the comfortable dwelling by people which ideas didn’t understand and often didn’t accept in standard human society. Mainly are the freedom-loving young people, guys and girls for one reason or another referring themselves to dark and romantic and Gothic subcultures, neformatno thinking and, differing in the ideas of life. They once met in a network, and decided to make creative experiment. A peculiar Gothic performance which main characters will be they. A performance essence – creation of certain own Empire in which everything will occur not under laws of human society, and under their own Laws. They decided to call the Empire – the Gothic style. Inhabitants of the Gothic style will separately develop, using all achievements of mankind and own achievements. There they will be able to express themselves and the emotions, to find adherents, friends and the personal place. There they will be able easily to realize the creative ideas. There EVERYTHING will be natural.

The gothic style appeared when EVERYTHING was thought over to trifles. From life, before self-sufficiency. As a place of emergence of the Gothic style chose cellars under an ancient Cathedral, restored them and turned on the light.